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CCI Director’s Code of Ethics

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Extracted from CCI National Resource Centre

CCI code of ethics for use by Condominium and Strata Corporations are important for all Condominium Boards to have in place. Here is a guide form that can be completed and signed by potential directors.

I have consented to act as a Director of the Corporation and I agree to comply with the following Directors’ Code of Ethics throughout my term(s) as a Director:

Care, Diligence and Skill

I will exercise the degree of care, diligence and skill of a reasonably prudent person in comparable circumstances. I will make a concerted effort to attend all Board and owners’ meetings. I will act responsibly and with due diligence to become familiar with the affairs of the Corporation and to uphold its Declaration, Description Plans, By-Laws, Rules, Resolutions, Policies, Agreements and Requirements of the Condominium Act and other legislation.


I will not disclose to any person (including my spouse) information decided by the Board to be confidential or privileged or which reasonably ought to be deemed confidential. When in doubt, I will request determination by a resolution of the Board.


I will abide by decisions of the majority of the Directors even though I may disagree, but I reserve the right to express my own views to owners upon non-confidential issues.


I will not make erroneous or defamatory statements about the Corporation or any owner, resident, director, officer, manager, staff or contractor of the Corporation.


Recognizing that governance of a Condominium Corporation involves complex and changing requirements, I will continue to educate myself by reading relevant magazines and any such publication published by my local CCI Chapter.

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