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Lockboxes and Condo Corporations

By Lorena MacDonald | Other articles by Lorena MacDonald | Regular Column

Has your condo been plagued with lockboxes remaining at your property long after units have been sold? Throughout the city, you can see a line of weathered lockboxes off to the right or left of condo entrances. It is necessary to have a spot, for Realtors® to place a lockbox when selling a unit, but it is the Realtor’s responsibility to remove the box once the sale closes.

For many Corporations, they don’t know who owns the boxes and how to find the agent that has left the box behind. There is a solution to this ongoing issue. The Nova Scotia Association of Realtors® will have unwanted boxes removed.

There is a serial number on each box, and calling and providing that number, will allow the Association to trace the owner and notify them to have the box removed. If in the event that the box is not removed, the Association can arrange to have them cut off.

These boxes are expensive and most Realtors® will only leave them at the building until the sale is complete. Some corporations have cut boxes off themselves, but unfortunately, they have destroyed boxes that are actively in use for marketing a unit.

Working together, can minimize frustrations and unit owners can sell their condos without complaints.

The Nova Scotia Association of Realtors® can be reached at 902-468- 2515.

Lorena MacDonald, CCI-NS BOD and Harbourside Realty


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Vol. 2, Issue 2, October 2021
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