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That Bloomin’ Neville! Create Your Own “View”

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We have all been spending a LOT more time in our homes this year than we usually have, and I know many have used the time to decorate and embellish their homes and balconies. Plants were (and still are!) hot musthaves and now we cannot enjoy our petunias and geraniums outside, it doesn’t mean we have to completely do without something pretty to enjoy looking out at.

Many use their balconies as “Outside storage” for the winter, and that may be all good and well for some, but can look rather unkempt very quickly. I’ve got a suggestion or two for you that won’t break the bank and will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Nature all winter long.

Many of us have had lovely planters filled with Summer offerings that have long passed…. well, don’t remove them or get rid of the soil! These are perfect to stuff full with various Winter greenery like pine, fir, cedar, and magnolia. I cut branches also from the garden (or the woods) from birch, alder, etc. for texture and height…or you could go to your local florist for curly willow to put in the middle. Stuff the branches and greenery, (and don’t be afraid to use a lot!) all through the planters, window or balcony railing boxes and create a Winter Garden! I also suggest adding a few large pine cones to the mix, again for texture.

You may have noticed I did NOT mention adding lights, sparkly bits and bobs, etc. to the mix…well, go ahead if you want to, but be sure that whatever you add is easily removed in a timely manner shortly after the Holidays. I have been to too many places that have put a pile of Christmas do-dads in their planters only to have them secured in the permafrost until March. Not good…not good at all.

Another good thing to think about when creating this outdoor Winter- scape is to be sure to have a place to sit too….there may well be days that we can stand going outside once the snow flies, and this can be a serene and calmingly fragrant space that can be utilized. Oh and don’t forget to use enough so you can bring some sprigs in once and a while, “just for the Smell of it!”

Some go so far as to get an evergreen tree, either potted or cut and “potted” in a container for their balcony, which is also a fun and beautiful look. And if you have a permanent table out there, be sure to put a heavy pot of assorted greenery on it too!

Look, this may sound like a lot of work, but it isn’t. And anyway, what else are you going to do with your time?

Stay safe, stay well, and be kind to others.

Share LOVE through the Beauty of Flowers.

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