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CCI-Nova Scotia – October 2020 Seminars

By Devon Cassidy | Other articles by Devon Cassidy | Editorial

On October 28, 2020 CCI-NS held its first seminar of the 2020-2021 Education Season. This seminar was free for members and non-members alike. The seminar was geared towards educating the greater community about CCI National, and CCI-NS. It was a great opportunity to speak to what we do and strive to do, to bring value to our members.

Michael Kennedy as Education Chair lead the session with interjections from Devon Cassidy, to provide the National prospective. It was an opportunity for the chapter to explain to the membership where the chapter has been and where it is going.

On October 31, 2020 Condominium Management 100 (CM 100) was launched using an online format. This year the CM 100 course is being split over two weekends, to help fight any webinar fatigue. This new format has the added benefit of allowing more members to participate in the course as well. Part 1 of CM 100 covered the first three chapters of the manual. The presentation touched on how condominium is created, the essential elements of any condominiums; the foundation documents of a corporation and insurance.

Michael Kennedy led this session, with Edmund Nix providing an insurance perspective; Devon Cassidy providing the legal perspective and Tom Birchall providing the perspective of a self managed corporation.

The virtual format of part 1 of the CM 100 allowed for a more casual exchange on the information than you would typical have in an in person seminar format. There were great questions asked by the participants, and an enlightening sharing of information among not just the speakers but the participants as well.

October was a great month for CCI-NS education and we look forward to continuing the program for the rest of our 2020/2021 year.


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