ACCI Designation

Before you hire a lawyer, an accountant, a property manager, an insurance agent or any other professional, check their condominium credentials.

Practicing law and practicing condominium law are not one and the same. Practicing property management and practicing condominium property management are two entirely different endeavours. Condominium corporations should strive to ensure that the professional help they hire to manage the day-to-day operation of their asset possesses the necessary skill to carry out these activities.

In looking for such experts, you should be aware of the Associate of the Canadian Condominium Institute (A.C.C.I.) designation. An individual with this designation has extensive experience in servicing the needs of condominium corporations and has been successfully examined by CCI.

The A.C.C.I. designation confirms the degree of skill, professionalism and outstanding achievements of the recipient. These individuals must be professional members of CCI, have at least three years of professional condominium experience, have contributed to the condominium community by teaching courses, writing articles, participating in seminars or providing other services and have successfully completed a thorough examination process.


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