LCCI Designation

The new LCCI designation (Leader of the Canadian Condominium Institute) replaces the old ACCI designation

The ACCI designation has been retired and there will be no new ACCI designations awarded. Current ACCIs may continue to use their ACCI designation or they can choose to have it converted to the new CCI National designation, the Leaders of the Canadian Condominium Institute (LCCI) designation.

The LCCI designation is open to any CCI member who provides goods and/or services, through annual employment time and volunteer time, to or within the condominium/strata/copropriété industry. The designation is open to any particular profession or trade. Those who are in good standing as an ACCI can now use the moniker of LCCI if they so wish, provided they meet the criteria as set out on the National Site, or they can retain the title of ACCI.

If you are interested in becoming a LCCI, make application through

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