October 11, 2023 - CCI-Nova Scotia Chapter News

New HRM Rental Registry By-law

HRM has a new By-law that requires all landlords to register their rental units by April 2024.

Most people believe this only applies to apartment buildings or flats. This By-law actually reaches much further than that. If you own a condo and rent that individual unit you are required to register your unit. Similarly if you as a condominium corporation own a superintendent’s suite or guest suite that has a PID you will also need to register your unit or units.

The By-law also states that you need to provide a plan for future maintenance. You must think about the work that will be needed and prepare a schedule for those upgrades. In the case where you are renting a condo and if that lease includes the use of common elements, then you may need to provide a schedule for that as well.

Corporations of 10 units or more must have a Reserve Fund Study which will provide a plan for future upgrades, but in those corporations 9 units or less it is not a requirement. You may need to speak to the Board to see what the future plans are so that you can provide this information to the Registry.

The important thing is to make your tenant aware of how a Reserve Fund Study works, so they know there is a scheduled Plan so they are not calling a By-law Officer looking for work to be completed.

Check the two links below for more information.

R-400 By-law


Online Form


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