June 28, 2022 - CCI-Nova Scotia Chapter News

Upcoming Board Elections

In September, date to be confirmed, the CCI NS Chapter will be holding its AGM at which time we will be having elections for 6 of the 11 Board positions. At present we have 3 current members reoffering their names for election.  If you want to learn more about condo operations or feel that you have something to offer in the education or advocacy of condo operations or know someone you believe would be a good candidate please put your name or theirs forward as a candidate. You can reach us through info@ccinovascotia.ca

The responsibilities and qualifications for office are as follows:

(taken from the CCI NS Bylaw, https://www.ccinovascotia.ca/sites/default/uploads/files/CCI-NS-Revised-Bylaws.pdf)


3.01 Number of Directors and Quorum

The affairs of the Chapter shall be managed by its Board of Directors. Until changed in accordance with this By-Law Act, the number of directors shall consist of not less than 3 but not more than 11 directors of whom a majority number shall constitute quorum. Participants at board meetings may participate electronically but not by proxy. A director is deemed to be present for quorum purposes if he or she participates through a conference call or other telecommunications system that allows that director to participate in the meeting directly with all other directors.

3.02 Qualifications

No person shall be qualified to be a director unless: a) They are of the age of majority; b) Are mentally competent; c) Are not in an un-discharged bankrupt; or d) Is an individual and not a corporation, association or other organization; e) At the time of their election is a member of the Chapter provided a person who is not a member of the Chapter may be a director if they are otherwise qualified and they become a member of the Chapter within ten days after their election.

3 CCI-NS Chapter By-law – August 2016

3.03 Election and Term

…the directors of the Chapter shall be elected, in rotation, for a term of three (3) years, and upon the expiration of their respective term of office shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election. The election shall be by ordinary resolution made by ballot, show of hands or acclamation (if applicable) as the Chair of the meeting may determine. If an election of directors is not held at the proper time, the incumbent directors shall continue in office until their successors are elected.

In addition to the qualification, elected Directors will hold to the following Code of Ethics:

Directors consent to act as a Director of the Corporation and agree to comply with the following Directors’ Code of Ethics throughout their term(s) as a Director:

Directors will exercise the degree of care, diligence and skill of a reasonably prudent person in comparable circumstances. They will make a concerted effort to attend all Board and owners’ meetings. They will act responsibly and with due diligence to become familiar with the affairs of the Corporation and to uphold its Declaration, Description Plans, By-Laws, Rules, Resolutions, Policies, Agreements and Requirements of the Condominium Act and other legislation. They will not disclose to any person (including their spouse) information decided by the Board to be confidential or privileged or which reasonably ought to be deemed confidential. When in doubt, they will request determination by a resolution of the Board. They will abide by decisions of the majority of the Directors even though they may disagree, but they reserve the right to express their own views to owners upon non-confidential issues. They will not make erroneous or defamatory statements about the Corporation or any owner, resident, director, officer, manager, staff or contractor of the Corporation. Recognizing that governance of a Condominium Corporation involves complex and changing requirements, Directors will continue to educate themselves in the affairs of condominium operations by reading relevant material and/or attending appropriate educational seminars.

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