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Why Serve on a Condominium Board

I often wonder how many people who own condominiums truly realize that their ownership does not just cover what is within the walls of their units but the whole condominium complex.  Living in condominium is a different lifestyle than living in a single dwelling or a townhouse or a duplex that is not part of a condominium.  It is not like living in an apartment either, yet I sometimes think that some owners treat it that way.  If there is a problem, it is someone else’s problem to fix and not theirs.  Unfortunately, and fortunately, it is up to all the owners to invest their time and effort in ensuring the corporation is run effectively and efficiently.  One such way to contribute is to be a board member.  There are many benefits to taking on such a task.

I have been on my board for many years and, like many other directors, part of the reason is because it is hard to get people to run and I don’t want my condo corporation in a situation where we no longer have an ability to run our own corporation.  I also want to know what is going on, making sure that any decisions made are for the best of the community and not driven by hidden agendas.  I do like the challenge, most of the time, and I have had many opportunities to learn new things.  I also feel like I have made a worthwhile contribution that directly impacts my living conditions and those of everyone else in the building. Those are my reasons.  You may have different ones, but if they help to create a nice living environment for everyone and you feel better for it, is that not a worthwhile endeavour?

In the last blog I talked about strategies on getting owners to run for the board.  In that blog three benefits of serving on a condominium board were mentioned.  Let’s further expand on the potential benefits of serving on a board:

  1. Community Involvement: Being part of the condominium board allows you to actively contribute to and shape the community where you live.  You can make a positive impact on the neighborhood and enhance the overall living experience for residents.
  2. Decision-Making Influence: Board members typically play a role in making important decisions about the condominium's rules, regulations, and policies. This influence can allow you to contribute to the development and improvement of the community.  It can also help you develop your influence skills that you can use in other aspects of your life.
  3. Property Value Maintenance: A well-managed condominium community tends to maintain and even enhance property values.  As a board member, you can contribute to decisions that positively impact the aesthetics, functionality, and overall desirability of the property.  Whether you believe that you’ll never sell there will come a time when you’ll be gone and then someone, usually a family member, will need to sell your place.  How do you want to leave it?
  4. Financial Oversight: Condominium boards are often responsible for managing the community's finances, including budgeting, reserve funds, and financial planning. Being part of this process allows you to develop financial skills and contribute to the fiscal health of the community.  It also keeps you at the forefront of how the corporation is faring financially and what challenges are coming down the road.
  5. Learning Experience: Serving on a condominium board provides an opportunity for personal and professional development.  You can gain valuable experience in areas such as leadership, conflict resolution, and project management that can be used elsewhere, particularly in your workplace, that can assist you in your work advancement.
  6. Networking: Interacting with fellow board members, property management professionals, and residents can expand your network.  This can be beneficial both personally and professionally, as you may connect with individuals who have similar interests or professional backgrounds.  You never know when that network may come in handy.
  7. Problem-Solving Skills: Board members often deal with a variety of issues and challenges.  Serving on the board provides the chance to hone your problem-solving skills and develop creative solutions to address community concerns . Again, a skill that can be useful in all walks of life.
  8. Sense of Accomplishment: Successfully managing and improving a condominium community can bring a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and pride. Knowing that you've contributed to creating a positive living environment for residents can be very rewarding.
  9. Legal and Governance Understanding: Serving on a condominium board exposes you to the legal and governance aspects of community living.  This knowledge can be beneficial in understanding the rights and responsibilities of homeowners and the legal framework governing condominium associations. It can even help you to recognize and better understand rights and responsibilities for employees and owners in the workplace.
  10. Community Building: Board members play a role in fostering a sense of community among residents. By organizing events, communicating effectively, and implementing policies that enhance the community spirit, you can contribute to a positive and vibrant living environment and who doesn’t want to live in a nice community?

While there are numerous benefits, it's important to note that serving on a condominium board also comes with responsibilities and potential challenges.  It requires a time commitment, the ability to work collaboratively with others, and a willingness to address conflicts and complex issues.  Think of it as not something to be fearful of, but as an opportunity to grow as an individual and community.  Plus, you are not alone. There is a whole community out there that can help.  Whether you have little background or a lot in working on a Board, we at CCI NS have courses, information, and other resources to help you in your journey.  That’s why we’re here. Take the plunge and offer your services as a Board Director or as a member of a Board Committee. It will be challenging but worth the effort.

 "What you do has far greater impact than what you say." Steven Covey

Michael Kennedy
CCI Nova Scotia

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