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CCI-NS Education Programme 2021-2022

By Michael Kennedy | Other articles by Michael Kennedy

With the positive experience we had last year with the Education Programme we are continuing to offer our seminars for free to members via Zoom.


Records: To Provide or Not to Provide, THAT IS THE QUESTION

By Devon Cassidy | Other articles by Devon Cassidy

Within a condominium corporation, communication and disclosure is very important. Owners want to be informed as to the goings-on in their building and want to understand what has gone on in the past, so they can understand their investment. For this reason, the records of a corporation are very important.


Condominium Terms and Concepts: A Primer

By Patrick I. Cassidy | Other articles by Patrick I. Cassidy

The world of condominiums is a unique form of property development and community living. It has its own cultural norms and language terms. There is also a hierarchy of authorities in condominiums.


Top Considerations for Deciding Between Special Assessment, Loan, or Deferring a Major Project

By Rob Mabe | Other articles by Rob Mabe

A condominium corporation with major repair or remediation needs and not enough Reserve Funds is faced with difficult decisions. Here are some of the important questions the Board should consider if faced with the tough choice between special assessment, loan or deferral:


Why Educate?

By Michael Kennedy | Other articles by Michael Kennedy

In 2007 I bought my condo unit. It was the first time I owned one and the first time I lived in one. I read all the required documents and thought I was prepared. I thought that since it was a requirement to sign as accepting the conditions as laid out in the ruling documents that everyone understood them and would abide by them. Boy, was I naïve.


How Do We Change the By-Laws?

By Sharon Gutnik | Other articles by Sharon Gutnik



Pets in Condos: Dogged if You do, Dogged if You Don’t

By Patrick I. Cassidy | Other articles by Patrick I. Cassidy

Why does the word “dog” compel heated debate when combined with the word condominium? In the interest of full disclosure, I am the owner of a lovely, 65-pound, Lab called Riley. Also, I am allergic to cats.


Condominium Insurance and Risk Management

By Edmund Nix | Other articles by Edmund Nix

Over the past two years Nova Scotia condominium corporations have experienced increased premiums and deductibles and now find there are fewer options in the insurance marketplace.


That Bloomin’ Neville! Create Your Own “View”

By Editor | Other articles by Editor

We have all been spending a LOT more time in our homes this year than we usually have, and I know many have used the time to decorate and embellish their homes and balconies. Plants were (and still are!) hot musthaves and now we cannot enjoy our petunias and geraniums outside, it doesn’t mean we have to completely do without something pretty to enjoy looking out at.


I Didn’t Know I Had To Do That

By Tom Birchall | Other articles by Tom Birchall

For those that have been following my journey to self-management we had our unusual covid-19 detour and while we are still observing the emergency health directives, it has so far been a very enlightening experience not only for me but our Owners as well.

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